Quality Assured Cleaning Services, LLC

Serving the Sacramento Area 


Meet the Owners of Quality Assured Cleaning Services, Mark and Katrice Hurd. Mark has been in the construction field for over 12 years, working on small and large projects, from small commercial buildings to construction of the light rail tunnel connecting the Minneapolis Airport to the Mall of America. He is a Disabled Army Veteran serving our wonderful Country honorably, so he knows all too well how to polish any building, flooring, or interior quarters to a polished mirrored shine!


Katrice Is a Real Estate Agent with over 12 years experience; working with National/Federal Community Stabilization Housing Programs. Katrice also has many years of experience in REO trash outs and interior/exterior cleaning for post rehabs, post construction and move outs. Working with Federal Trust Presidents and CEO's of many of the larger and smaller financial institutions and non-profit organizations; Katrice knows what the post construction clean up industry requires and she knows exactly how to deliver.


Let our business make YOURS SHINE! Quality Assured Cleaning Services, LLC